Sunday, 26 January 2014

Tic-Tac-Toe Times Two

How's that for alliteration?

I thought I'd do some studio photo catch-up.  Even though I've had little chance to work in there this past week due to wrapping my head around some challenging (for me) computer programs, I did manage a wee bit of play time on these nine four by fours.  You can see the start of this project here.

Last week I managed some time to add a word to each canvas with a stencil stolen from my husband John (if he reads this I'm in big trouble . . . again).

I decided this week to sort through my extensive stash of palette papers,

and match them up with the appropriate colours, with several options for each.

I coated the canvasses with liquid gel medium using this method.  Working with a canvas, though, can mean the papers need to be hog-tied to get them to adhere, hence some wrapped and elastic-bound minis.

 After drying overnight, the results were mixed,

varying from the very subtle Now piece (definitely more palette paper transfer needed here before further layers)

 to the jazzy Yes! mini.

 Passion's getting pretty colourful,

and Love needs a sanding at the bottom just to the left of centre to get rid of that too-light purple, and likely more palette transfers as well.

The transfer on Laugh has faded entirely into the background, so something additional will be needed.

I'm liking the strong vertical transfer on Sing - makes me think of my too-loud musical errors at the Bow Valley Singers practice last week!

Play's transfer is VERY BOLD, and heaven knows what will happen with this one - I'm rather liking the upside-down partial head at the top, though.

 Spirit looks a bit lacklustre right now, so definitely more to go on this,

and apparently there's no hope at all for Hope, which got missed in the line-up of photos.  All in all, I can see where some of these will go - how about you?  Where would you take them? What techniques would you add to the mix?

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