Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Get crackin'...

or in my case, packing!  I'm in the midst of piling my studio high with boxes filled to overflowing for this weekend's workshop in Kimberley at Centre 64, where Mixed Media II will cram the playbox.

From paper towels to foam rollers, hand cream and texturing tools,

 to a binder full of notes and examples, a paint shirt and spoons (not for eating!),

these boxes are full.  I've got rinse aid next to nail polish remover, snuggled up to a box of threads and fabric swatches,

and two whole boxes full of participant goody bags, to say nothing of a pail full of paints.

I've cut a stack of mulberry sheets, now paired with butcher paper so each participant can create their own gift wrap OR background,

 and there's a whole box full of goodies to share with the kids in the paintbox.

 From spray paints

 to alcohol paints (not to be imbibed),

the stacks are growing.  It's no small feat to move a studio for a weekend, but it's always worth it to see participants radioactive with the creativity virus at the end of the two days.

I understand we have a space left open in the workshop.  Is it yours?  Call 250.427.4919 right now  to nab it!

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