Friday, 15 November 2013

I've been thinking...

... a great deal lately about why I do what I do, and the word that comes up more often than any other is PLAY.

Of the paintings I've done, the ones that make me really happy are those that are whimsical,

Fish Fancy 2009  Mixed Media  8" x 10"  © Win Dinn  Collection of the artist

incorporate silliness,
Watch your Step!   10" x 8"  Mixed Media  2009 © Win Dinn  Collection of R. Christensen 
include a play on words,

Keeping it Together    4" x 6"  Mixed Media  2010  © Win Dinn  Private Collection
use materials in a fun way (and in this case, an amusing shape too),

Night Train Through Creston II  2009  12" x 36"  Mixed Media  © Win Dinn  Private Collection
or pack an outrageous colour punch (I'm SO subtle!).

Harlequin Party  8.5" x 5.5" Mixed Media  © Win Dinn

It's also the reason why I love teaching so's such a thrill to encourage people to be free, open and purposely playful for a full weekend of fun.  Amazing magic invariably results.

A drying table of participants' play
I'd love to have you join me for a weekend of play.  If there's no upcoming playshop in your area, why  not email me so you can organize one (organizers receive their workshop free of charge)?  There are a wide range of playful possibilities, and some mid-week dates available in winter and spring 2014.

What's the one word that drives your creative life?  How does it surface?  Please leave your comments so readers can get a glimpse into your personal focus.

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