Friday, 20 September 2013

Bless my friends...

because those art-obsessed people are truly the best sort!

A visit this week from Alice Saltiel-Marshall (and husband Bill), and Meg Nicks (Paul) had us royally entertained including a Nelson day trip for most of us, and a full day of painting for the 'gentler sex' while the men headed for the hills (or at least over the border to antique land).

We had the studio strewn from stem to stern with Gelli prints,

 canvasses and wood panels,

and partially finished pieces

to the point where it was difficult to find our glass of wine amid the confusion (and you know that's a bad thing).

The next morning we were pj clad and at it by modern candlelight as we were so keen to fit it all in before their pre-lunch departure.  This photo was taken around 5:30 am....

Goodness knows it's imperative that we restrict our visits to a maximum of three days - we'd be hard-pressed to handle any more!

Some of the in-progress pieces included this gorgeous piece by Meg who is a master at richly layered organic beauty,

this delicious cheesecloth start by Alice whose incomparable feather-touch brush work is my whole aim in life,

another of Meg's pieces, this one experimental, featuring deli-paper additions,

and one she started that inspired

 this lovely one by Alice.

 This one by Alice had me salivating over the colour AND the keys,

 and her panel had me going as well.

This start by Alice was inspired (and uses the same techniques) as the first painting by Meg above.  I'm just itching to try this technique, but I just could not stop...

...with the Gelli plate long enough to try it.  I've been craving a Gelli Plate session all summer, but that produce canning had kept me from trying any of the new techniques on their blog - I'm delighted to have had this play day to catch up on at least one of them.

Now I'm in artist-friend withdrawal (if I could only get them to move here), and finding it a challenge to get back to my studio work.  I've promised myself that I will not start any new  paintings until I've completed at least ten of the in-progress this space for potential progress!

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