Friday, 21 June 2013

It's a deluge...

but not of artwork.

We're under a rainfall warning here today  in the Creston Valley, and my old hometown of Canmore, AB (and still home to my daughter, Rochelle) is being flooded out by Cougar Creek gone wild.  Calgary has now 100,000+ evacuees, with more to come if the rain continues.

It's an amazing thing to see the havoc that can be wreaked by nature, and when this type of an event happens, I'm always happy to know that most of us can be safely tucked away doing something safe and enjoyable while we wait for Mother Nature to step back down from her passionate rants.

Although my studio is torn apart from stem to stern today in preparation for this weekend's workshop at the Creston College (you'd be hard pressed to imagine how much prep work is involved in moving large parts of one's studio for a couple of days!), I did manage to complete a couple of pieces over the last while (and start several more).

T for texture
This piece is the start of a new altered book, a visual Gratitude Journal.  Only 25 more letters to go.
F for flowers
And F is for flowers, of course.  How many more to go?

A Peacock Called Alice  8" x 8" x  2"
This piece is one that was inspired by the beautiful painting by Alice Saltiel-Marshall, and is the third in matched pieces created during our back and forthing between Creston and Claresholm.  There is, of course, a story behind her original painting, A Peacock Called Win.  Our reconnection through Facebook a couple of years ago had us messaging and commenting back and forth like machines.  When I queried a photo of a painting in progress on her page (it had a large, unpainted white blob in the middle), she fired back a reply "Peacock Head".  I thought she was calling me names and very nearly responded in kind until I realized what she meant.  The finished piece gained its title from this exchange, as eventually, did mine.

As we wait for news of the end of the rainfall in Alberta and start of the reconstruction process, I'm wishing you a safe, warm and dry weekend ahead, and if you've got some room in your heart to send out prayers to those who are affected, please do so.

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