Thursday, 16 May 2013

One, two, three, four...

...add another to the score.

I find myself shaking my head many days in the studio.  For someone who spent many years being a meticulous accountant, highly organized and precise to a fault, I'm amazed at the way I work when I'm in the right (wrong?) side of my brain.

I bounce from project to project,  all the while glorying in the rich colour I see.

I'll move from a painting started with a book cover (a brilliant idea from one of my students, Dena Kubota)

to add a layer to a 'skin' in progress,

 smear a book page with a painty wet brayer to clean off it off,

 and then move to another book cover start.

I find a stack of works in progress, and wonder how many of them I'll get to today (eight in this pile alone),

and cast my eye on another pile of Gelli plate prints that await additional layers.  My mouth waters with anticipation.

This all takes place under the watchful eye of Opal, the studio cat.  She is very particular about anyone making too much commotion in 'her' studio.

I intersperse my studio time with workshopsshows and connecting with other artists.  Is it any wonder that I sometimes feel myself going wild with colour madness?  It's truly a wonderful life!

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