Thursday, 11 April 2013

Geletine begone!

I recently posted about my exploration of geletine prints, and let you know about the frustration level of  constantly mixing the geletine (I have an addiction problem when it comes to creativity) and the breaking down of the gelatine after a few passes.

Well - Gelli plate to the rescue!  I'd been waiting to order a Gelli plate because the available sizes seemed much too small, so when I discovered they're making them in a 12 x 14 size, I JUMPED on it!  My plate recently arrived in the mail, along with some stencils I'd ordered from Joggles.

If there is any other legal way to have this much fun, I've not found it - I couldn't begin to tell you the addictive reaction I've had to my Gelli plate.  Can I cover it with wet, smacky paint kisses?  You bet I can!  (And think what a GREAT print that would make.)

I printed/overlaid some magazine pages,

 and some book sheets (this one is from a disused law text - looks a TON better don't you think?),

covered some geletine prints,

 and some textured paper.

 I pulled some ghost prints,

 and played with Catalyst shapers,

and bubble wrap,

and created a series from a stencil pull,

using the back of the stencil,

and pulling a ghost print.

I covered pages in my altered books as well,

 and left very little floor space for Opal the studio cat to walk through - she was annoyed.

I know some of the pieces I did will benefit from more layers of printing, and I can hardly wait.  Heaven help me, how am I ever going to get back in control of my life?  With more stencils on the way, three mixed media altered books on the go, and a monstrously addictive Gelli plate, there is no hope.

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