Monday, 15 April 2013

Chaos, Madness & Mayhem

Sometimes the studio is just like that - and the rest of the house follows suit.  This time it is pre-show discombobulation that's got a touch of bedlam all over everything.

There are bowls of appetizer dough on the kitchen countertops...

and appies headed for the oven...

with John's onions waiting to be chopped for more appetizers on the table  (isn't that colour gorgeous?).

 In the studio there are piles of projects on the workshop tables...

 in all directions,

and the easel is stacked with yet more projects.

 The movable tabourets hold more mounds,

and the shelves are near to bursting as well.

It seems the only place for the eye to rest is a set of closed (when that happens) cupboard doors.

I'm glad I'm getting out of town today - it will be restful to be hanging the show at Key City Theatre Gallery in Cranbrook.  And with luck (and some help from the muse and kitchen fairies), the house will surely come to rights while I'm gone - and you can stop that sniggering right now!

And just in case you missed the previous invitation, please join us at the opening reception Thursday, April 18 (4-6 pm) - we'd love to see you there, because

we're thinking summer!

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