Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Post-Op Tea

We had a post-Wynndel mixed media class tea here in my home studio, with a great show-and-tell period.

Dena Kubota did these three gorgeous pieces, and I'm just slavering over the red butterfly one!  All of them are started on a book cover background which has been glued to a mat board support - her idea, and a wonderful way to start a painting, I think!

Kendra Lee brought a couple of lovely nearly-finished pieces, and another (not shown) that is well on its way.  Check out the purple plastic wrap background on the first one and the oh-so-organic feel of the other!

Val van der Poel brought nearly a dozen stunning pieces, three of which are shown below.  Apologies for the photo quality - since they were plastic-wrapped and ready for sale, it was difficult to take clear photos, and the shine is somewhat evident.  Aren't they amazing?  I'm especially drawn to the centre one with the quilling - an art I'd love to learn (it's on my list, and my list is getting longer than I have allotted time for in this lifetime).

I already consider my mixed media mania well worth the investment in time and energy, with artists like these taking on the challenge and creating such delicious work.  These are the times when being a virus for creativity is  amazingly fulfilling!

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