Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dreaming of sunshine...

Although spring is in the air, for me it's just not enough.  I'm craving sunshine and the glow that bounces off the sidewalks in the hot summer sun.

When the skies are grey and the body craves hot weather, I turn to my paints to get a glow on.

Last summer when the poppies had finished their glory, I quickly painted a wood panel, and did some stamping on it with the pods before they dried too much to use.

The panel sat, unused, waiting for inspiration until the yearning for sunlight grew too strong to ignore in January.

Some dried leaves turned into trees, and

Sunlit Woods  Mixed media on cradled wood panel
6" x 6"  © Win Dinn
some scattered saffron threads finished the painting with ground cover.

I do hope that now I'll be content to wait for the sunshine that's sure to follow these spring showers;  I'll be watching for it.

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