Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hot peppers!

Another of my favourite autumn canning sessions starts with a food processor full of sweet peppers (and the odd hot one!).

Chop, add some sugar, cider vinegar and pectin, and heat until the colour sings.

 Process in a boiling water bath, and you'll be snacking on hot pepper jelly throughout the winter.  It's incredibly good on a cracker over a softened Brie, served with a glass of chilled white wine, especially if it's snowing outside.
Roarange Hot Pepper Jelly
Sorry, did I say the 'S' word - I'm taking that back, because it's still sunny and warm outside, and I'm loving all the fall colour.

The bathroom reno chaos is nearing an end and it's a darn good thing, because I've got a private painted paper session booked for four budding paper artists tomorrow morning...fix, dust, clean, dust, organize, dust, stack, get the idea!

If you're looking for private lessons or a special play time for visiting friends, send me an email ( - I'd  love to set you up with some time in my studio.

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