Thursday, 13 September 2012

Book folding...

While visiting Ottawa, Allie and I managed to get some play time in, along with the busyness and chat!  Allie manages the library in Unitarian House where she moved last year, and was in the midst of organizing the book portion of the yearly fund-raising sale.  This meant we had access to some pocket novels, and I convinced her to try some book folding during our chat periods.

The first book was a simple half-fold one that we used for testing some different techniques:

We initially stood it on end, but this particular novel did not have enough pages to turn it into a full circle, so 

we turned it on the spine, coloured the pages with watercolour pencils, and carved out some niches (and if you think that was easy, think again).

In my colour-obsessed mind, it looked somewhat insipid, so we ramped up the colour with alcohol inks.  I suspect Allie will be gluing something in those holes!

 The next book made a lovely full circle, and I did three different folds to create nine sections.  Of course, since I'd been curling flowers over the previous month, I had to try that on the book, too.

I enjoyed the look of the finished product from the top as well as the sides, and I'm wondering how this one would look in colour too.  

 Since I left it in Ottawa, I guess I'll need to start another - how fun is that?!  And I have promised a book or two for an upcoming Alberta show in June, 2013 - hmmmmmm.

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