Saturday, 4 August 2012

To market,

to market, but buying no pig.

It was great to stop at the  Farmer's Market at Millennium Park this morning and enjoy the wide range of arts and crafts that are available there, along with the produce which is so plentiful right now.

Wynndel Lavender
Not only is the Wynndel Lavender booth beautiful (especially when it comes with colour-coordinated customers), it smells heavenly as well.
Eileen and Anne
 From paintings to scarves,
Jean and her flowers
 to flowers and hand-sewn goods
Pridham Studios pottery
and pottery, the market is a feast for the eyes.

I feel especially blessed to live in a community that is rich in so many of my favourite things.  From farm-fresh-from-the-garden produce to high quality artisans, we call a wonderful valley home.

What do you appreciate about the area in which you live?

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