Thursday, 19 July 2012

Play time

seems to be a constant when one is 'retired'.  We've had another gang-buster time this past week with Alice Saltiel-Marshall and her husband Bill.

From the Skimmerhorn Winery to Crawford Bay and back again, we've filled four days with more activity than one could think possible.

Just before we went in

Drooling over remnants at Barefoot Handweaving
After many visits to Barefoot Handweaving, I was astonished to learn one could purchase a baggie of remnants for $4 - score!
 We burnished copper,
we shared stashes,

we painted papers,

 we played Bobbsy Twins with our stamps, paints and embellishments,

 and were colour pigs (although I feel we're young enough to be termed piglets) extraordinaire.

It was like being in another world.

This is my favourite done by Alice,
Love Letter to Gaia  Mixed Media by Win Dinn
and my personal favourite done by yours truly.

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