Sunday, 3 June 2012

We had sunshine!

After a few days of rain, we had sunshine today - an opportunity to get into the beautiful Creston Valley, shop for the last of the bedding plants, and finish the last two planter boxes.  Aren't we blessed?

I've been sneaking into the studio as well, playing away at some of the starts from the beginning of May, and ones started last week when Alice and I played demolition derby in the studio.

Incubating Summer  6 x 6 mixed media by Win Dinn
 I spent some time attacking photos done by John some years ago - I distressed the one above by spritzing water around the edges, sanding with three weights of sandpaper, and tearing to create a 'nest'.  I love how the underlying yellow comes through in the distressed areas, as the actual background on the photo is the dark brown shown immediately around the flower.
Creativity Map  6 x 9 mixed media by Win Dinn
 This map came about when Alice and I were testing a couple of different crackle stamps.  With the addition of outlines around faded areas, a palette transfer, some distressing, negative stamping and a key to the map (or should it have been an 'X marks the spot'?), I think it says a lot about my journey.
In process
The coppery piece above started out as a totally different colour, and that was so long ago I cannot even remember what that colour could have been!  Our experiments were so thick and fast that layer after layer of  'just testing' went on this one.  At one point I decided it needed some copper brads, and I didn't have any.  Being the patient soul that I am, I stuck copper nails through the mat board, cut off the tips, sealed them in place with extra heavy gel medium, and then placed the tips of the nails on the top.  This may not be done yet, but so far it's been a real adventure.

I hope your days have been as fun-filled as mine have been this week, and that you, too, are enjoying sunshine in your life.

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