Thursday, 28 June 2012

It takes so little... entertain me.  This week, among other things, I've been experimenting again with distressing photos , to see what other fun techniques I can invent.
Opal-cat, spritzed with water, and scraped with hard  plastic knobbly scraper
I had fun using different implements-the above photo of our Opal reminds me of Van Gogh's self-portrait with its frenetic energy.  That's definitely suitable as Opal in her 'teen years was a whirlwind.
99% alcohol dropped on photo, sanded
 I found that alcohol gives a diffused effect compared to water.  The slightly blurry feel reminds me of my brain on wine.
Epson Salts in warm water, sanded
Incubating Summer  Mixed Media by Win Dinn
Note the water-distressed photo compared to the Epson Salts distress above.

There was no discernible difference using the Epson salts in water, so I'm assuming there is no chemical reaction at all.  I also tried bleach rather than water, and could see no change there either - didn't make the photo cleaner at all!

Do you have any suggestions for further experimentation?  All comments and suggestions gratefully accepted.

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