Monday, 11 June 2012


...comes from everywhere for artists, not the least from our children.  Our daughter, Rochelle, is an avid environmentalist and keenly interested in all biology, including that of marine life.  Her enthusiasm has led me often to wonder whether it is too late to save our oceans.

Mending the Ocean  mixed media by Win Dinn
As we age, I believe we spend more time considering what is important in our lives, and what actually rings true for us.  These mind meanderings led me to combine some  elements reminiscent of nature with those that are man-made.
Worship       mixed media by Win Dinn
The start of this painting was a multi-layered mat board from the Alice & Win frenzy a couple of weeks ago, combined with a found and altered aluminium top, stamps and an image from an old Kodak advertisement that I find especially evocative..

Weight of the Soul    mixed media by Win Dinn
What's your inspiration?  From where do your ideas come?  What gets your juices flowing?  As always, your comments are welcome.

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