Thursday, 21 June 2012

From the past

Some years ago I did a pastel series entitled 'Vanished from the Pattern' which pictured extinct-at-the-hand-of-man species depicted against their environment or their own beautiful patterns.

Rodriguez Island Gecko  Pastel  by Win Dinn
I had always intended to start another series 'Fading from the Pattern' which addresses the species that we have endangered through our amazingly nefarious methods, and the following photos show the first in this series.
First layers of base and cheesecloth additions
 I started with five separate layers of cheesecloth, applied over a layer of glazed quinacridone yellow.

Photo and distressed copy
I found a wonderful series of large cat photos in the National Geographic magazine, and chose the kingly lion for this first piece.

Hung Out to Dry   12 x 9    Mixed Media by Win Dinn
After applying the photo and integrating it into the start, I overlaid a paw print (thanks for the suggestion, Alice!) to finish the piece.

 I  find there are subjects and/or issues that will just not leave me alone, and I suspect the destruction of our environment will continue as a theme throughout my artistic life.

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