Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Alice Box

I have to admit it - we've finally gone around the bend - completely.

Yesterday, an email arrived in my inbox from my dear friend Alice Saltiel-Marshall.  In it were two queries - had I received the Facebook email copied below (no, I hadn't, but since FB had been having some issues, not surprising), and had I received the parcel she sent in the second week of June?  NO, I had not, and we both went into panic mode - Alice because she was aware of what was in the parcel, and I because...well just because I hate missing out on things.

Alice checked the tracking number, and Canada Post insisted it was delivered June 15th.  I knew we didn't have it, so planned to spend today canvassing the neighbours to see whether it had been mistakenly delivered there, and Monday morning harassing the post office.  On our way out to dinner with family last night, John realized he'd not checked the mail all week (his job, not mine - I bear no responsibility for ANY of this!).  It occurred to us that perhaps it may not be AWOL at all.  We checked the mailbox on the way home from dinner, and lo and behold, there was the 'missing' parcel.

And what a parcel it was!

The Alice Parcel
Isn't that the most beautiful mail art parcel imagineable?  Red really is the best!

The Alice Box
The box inside was just as stunning, and when I opened THAT,
there was more,

and yet more delights for the eye.  From a hand-crafted card to a CD of bookplate designs (thanks, Bill!) to stamps and ink and charms and screens, I'll be playing with this wonderful gift for a very long time (assuming that I find my way back from around the bend).  I just love how the whole thing was completed around a red/green/brown colour scheme - you'd think Alice was an artist!
Alice Box contents
So here's a salute to a wonderful artist friend and a marvellous gift...many thanks Alice!  I can feel a painting or two coming on.

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