Friday, 25 May 2012

Same chaos, different day.

You could ask what's happening in the studio, and I'd have to say - not much!  Getting ready for the 'garage sale to end all garage sales' means my studio tables are missing and it looks like this:
Tables missing, artwork spread on floors, walls, ceilings and easel
I did manage to get a second layer on one of my starts, although there is a story to that, of course.  I dropped one of my gold paint pens on the floor and it came apart.  I quickly threw a palette paper on it, dabbed like mad, and wound up with a transfer when dry.  I applied it to a background intended for something else and now I just need to let it tell me where to go from here.
Layer 2
I also made a lucky find in the garage sale items - a yellowed lace doily among things I'd packed up when my mom passed away.  I suspect this will make a lovely 'paint wash' transfer...
Lace find
The only intentional work I got done was a palette paper transfer onto canvas of one of the alcohol transfers created at the end of last week.  I think I can see a butterfly peeking from the ink.  Of course, I may be raving mad at this point and seeing butterflies where 'there be dragons'.
Glad this transfer worked.
There are some really interesting patterns created here, and I'm looking forward to working on this piece.  Actually, I'm looking forward to working on ANY piece, as long as it doesn't include the thought / word / deed GARAGE.

If you're looking for interesting, useful, or downright crazy things for your household, do stop by 2315 Erickson St., Creston tomorrow (Saturday) from 7 am to noon, and check out the sale - we'll be glad you did!

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