Thursday, 17 May 2012

OK, I'll admit it.

I am not a gardener, although it is a definite 'should' where I live.  I weed when I can no longer bear the guilt of John doing all the yard work on our 1/3 acre in the exceptionally lush Creston Valley in the incredibly fertile province of British Columbia, Canada.  In my armed conflict with procrastination around weeding, I'll even do housework in lieu, and that is second on my top ten list of the battle with the 'P' word.  Luckily (at least in my mind), one of my substitutes for weeding is painting, and I've been spending a good deal of time in the studio since I got home.

I showed you some starts in my last post, and I've finished a couple of those along with one that I'd started before I left for Alberta.

Ancient River  7 x 5 mixed media by Win Dinn
John and I have a deal - I do the painting and he does the hardware aspect.  Normally, I put the name of the piece on the top back of the canvas, with my name and date at the bottom. On this piece, however, the canvas staples were so numerous that I needed to put my name on the side.  Accordingly, John framed it horizontally, rather than vertically.  We decided we liked it both ways, so he added an extra hanger so it could be hung to the purchaser's taste. Which do you like better?
Ancient River,  Horizontally set  5 x 7 mixed media by Win Dinn
 I love the contrast of this Japanese Maple leaf against the 'Sludge' background start.
Autumn Promise 4 x 4 mixed media by Win Dinn
 I'm button crazy recently, and I've enjoyed playing with them (rather like playing with the marbles I've somehow lost) in this piece.  Those painted matboard starts are showing up in some interesting ways. Now if I could just get my camera/eye lined up, (sure, like that's going to happen) I might be able to take a photo that is actually aligned.
One of these...  8 x 8 mixed media by Win Dinn
Now that you know #1 & #2 on my top 10, let me add numbers three to ten - accounting, cold calling, tidying my studio, doing laundry, meal planning, prep work for a garage sale, grocery shopping & clothing shopping.  How about you?

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