Sunday, 20 May 2012

Experiment and Play

Play and experiment.  Like most kids, I love playing with new toys.  Recently, I picked up some alcohol inks to try out, and through YouTube, discovered that they are meant for non-porous items like glass and plastic, and that I should have picked up an applicator, felt pads, blending solution and non-stick craft sheet.  Necessity is a mother, tho', and I simply dropped some colour onto a pad of palette paper, spritzed some 99% alcohol on top, and used a plastic scraper to move the inks around.  Stage two will be to do a palette paper transfer onto a wood panel covered with gloss medium - I'll keep you posted on the results!

Alcohol inks play
 I've been finishing up a storm on the starts that I posted last week.  The studio's a mess, but I'm loving the chaos.
Forest Floor  6 x 6 mixed media by Win Dinn
 You can see how my subtle pink start got ramped up.  Between palette transfers, ribbons, bubble wrap and crystals it's definitely not a quiet love now.
It's Love  4 x 4 mixed media by Win Dinn
 My love of orange gets stronger over time, even when I think I'm getting past it.
Playing with Oranges II  8 x 8 mixed media by Win Dinn
I need to let you know that my students requested their own Facebook page (I think they're tired of seeing my work).  You can find some wonderful starts and finishes here.  Keep this bookmarked, because if there are this many posts in the four days since inception, there are bound to be more as we add members.

Speaking of Facebook, I encourage you to check out Trying God's Patience.  Sue, a fabulous writer, posts some of the most thought-provoking, beautiful and inspiring quotes/photos/artwork/considerations.  Plus she speaks to coffee on my level!

I've set myself a goal to finish twelve paintings this month, and as the month is nearly past, I can see I will undoubtedly fall short.  With a garage sale imminent this coming Saturday and six years of accumulation to deal with, it's unlikely I'll complete three paintings this week.  Now who was it that said necessity is a mother?  Hmmmmm - could I paint with one hand while I price with the other?  Maybe it's time to try garagesaleartdexterocity...

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