Sunday, 1 April 2012

Texture, you asked?

In a discussion with my Colour Boot Camp students recently, we talked about the possibility of a texture workshop, so I thought I'd share a recent project I've been working on to add another type of texture to my paintings.

Used teabags drying in the sun (or they would be, if we'd had any recently).
 When the teabags are carefully cut open they yield some luscious coloured 'grainery' which can be mixed into gel mediums and added to your work.  
Chamomile tea, dried and separated from the bags.
 Each type of tea gives a different colour to the tea bags, as well as a slightly different texture.
Lipton tea - looks a bit like a tea robot wannabe, doesn't it?
The teabags once emptied, can be carefully ironed (or not), filled with a visual treat or a supply of fresh air from your surroundings, and incorporated into your artwork.
Lemon tea (not kidding) - love this colour
Because there's such a wide variety of colour and texture, the possibiliites are endless - I'm thinking additions to tree bark, ground cover, 'brick' walls, and......

What would you/could you use this for?  As always, I'd love your comments and suggestions.

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