Friday, 2 March 2012

Once in a ...

while, I like to play with analagous colour.  Well, maybe more than once in a while.

I've been working on this small piece over the last three weeks.  I started with an 8 x 10 board canvas and added a circular piece of my hand-painted paper, along with modelling paste. There's something about modelling paste that just thrills me - I feel like a kid building mud pies.

Once that all dried, I started by adding a phthalo green glaze overall,

and then a phthalo blue glaze,

and a carbazole violet.

I finished by layering more glazes, including a Mars black in selected areas, and additional blue, green and violet.
Once in a...  8 x 10 mixed media on board by Win Dinn
And now I'm wondering whether we EVER grow up?  Will I be doomed to play with mud until I'm 100?  I sure hope so!

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