Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Is it universal?

With the end of any of my mixed media workshops, I am interested to learn what was a hit with the students.  One of the handouts with the group that finished on Saturday was sheet music to incorporate into their work (see this month's previous posts for further examples), and I thought I'd share my own study:

Grand Music  Mixed Media on mat board by Win Dinn  5.5 x 8.5  2012
Another concept that seems to be universal  is coffee, and my morning ritual is ecstasy for me.  I find it difficult to imagine starting a day without my double dose of sugar-laced latte.

Must have...  Mixed Media on canvas by Win Dinn  7 x 5"  2012  
Students were astounded when I showed them that the sides of this gallery-wrap canvas were treated with a thick layer of coffee grounds, tastefully immersed in gel medium.  I do wish to point out that I gave up three precious coffee beans to my painting frenzy, a not inconsiderable sacrifice.

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