Thursday, 16 February 2012


No challenge here - we've had a number of artists who couldn't wait to parade their colours!

Love the feather on the'paintbrush' here, and Yolanda's primary colour palette!

Flag by Yolanda Marshall, acrylic and mixed media
Doesn't Alice's flag just make your heart sing?

Flag by Alice Saltiel-Marshall, acrylic
Kari's texture is luscious - spoonable!

Flag by Kari Martin
More flags will be posted within a day or two - and they're just as fun as these!

I have some good news/bad news.  The good news is that the winner of the free pass to the February 25 mixed media workshop (by random draw) is Alice Saltiel-Marshall!  The bad news is that she lives in Alberta, so it would be pretty tough for her to attend a three-Saturday session here in Creston.  Now back to the good news - we've just organized a mixed media workshop in her home town, Claresholm, so she gets to attend it free of charge on May 5 & 6!  How's that for 'no good deed goes unpunished'?  Alice is the organizer of the event, and will be hosting John and I as we spend a spring weekend in Alberta.

Thanks to all of you who've made today's entry so colourful, and those who are yet to parade their flags!

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