Friday, 20 January 2012


As a child, I was obsessed with red - it was rare for me to wear or use any other colour;  I recall many disagreements with Mom over this obsession.  I had to have red shoes, red coats, red pencils, red shirts, and so on, to the point where the ubiquitous mid-August shopping trip for school clothes and supplies became a nightmare for us both.

My passion for red continues to this day, and I am always immediately drawn to the colour, although I have learned to curb it in my wardrobe (somewhat).  I repeatedly find myself painting with  it, though, and just finished a small mixed media piece.

Playing with Fire     5 x 7   Gallery Wrap Canvas
I know if Mom is watching over me she's shaking her head with bemusement, and no doubt wondering if I'll ever be cured!

On another note, I'm still looking forward to all your renditions of the 'Artist's Flag' See here for details!.

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