Monday, 2 January 2012

A New Year start...

and finish.  Having spent most of the first day of 2012 in the studio yesterday, I've finished (all but the final archival sprays) a 12 x 12 painting that has been in the works for some time.

Elderberry Mandala
The elderberry shrub is common in our area .  Fully ripe elderberries make wonderful wine, jelly and syrup and are great with blackberries in a pie.  John picks them when the berries have had the first frost for that last fact alone.  However, I save the picked stems and press them for their delightful filigree lace effect .  They make beautiful miniature trees, and I've previously done a series of paintings using them.

Red Hot Pair  (Sold)
The Elderberry Mandala is a painted paper-wrapped canvas (see workshop sidebar on the right) with stems affixed using heavy mat gel.  I admit I pre-finished the paper prior to fixing the stems, as I thought I'd likely drive myself crazy coating inside all those delicate lines.  I did, however, coat the stems after adding them to the painting.  It's a time-consuming, but necessary task, and I credit this type of work with making me the addled artist that you know!

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