Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Horsefeathers:  long hair on lower legs (over hoof), common in heavier breeds.
               also:  slang for nonsense, balderdash
She's been some time cooking (even once in the oven), but she's finally arrived,  just in time for Art Trot!  She's bright, colourful, strong and fanciful and she can be yours if you attend and bid at the Silent Auction happening February 10 & 11, 2012 in the Sunshine Room, Rec Centre, Creston, BC, Canada (official opening is Friday,  February 10 from 5 to 7 pm).

You can see what changes have been made from the initial posts (here) and (here), and including the very first coat of paint below.

Horsefeathers     The REALLY ugly stage
This initial coat of quinacridone pink gave me such a fright I nearly went into cardiac arrest.  It actually stopped me in my tracks for a few days.  It's one thing to visualize a hot pink horse, and another thing to see it in the flesh!  I'm pretty sure that at this point, John was ready to send me off to a rest farm somewhere...

Horsefeathers        Paper Mache by John & Win Dinn
Another four or five coats of paint in three more quinacridones helped a great deal and the final result just makes me grin (I know, I'm a little bit nuts!).

As with most well-bred horses, she comes with a pedigree detailing her salient points:
Please join us at the Art Trot 2012 Silent Auction  - you'll find an amazing array of artwork and all funds are in support of the Therapeutic Riding Program here in Creston.  Horsefeathers is looking for a new home, and she'd be a perfect Valentine's gift for that special person in your life!

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