Sunday, 29 January 2012

Good News!

When I walk through the downtown area, I notice the number of businesses who have music and news piped through their speaker systems;  I see televisions and computers in store windows showing 'the latest' on screen.  And I am aware of the vast amount of disaster, difficulty, damage and downright chaos with which we are constantly bombarded.

I wondered what our world would be like if we started to give time and exposure to the more positive things in life:
Good News Network Blaring     Mixed Media by Win Dinn      8 x 10 on board
It may take some time to get the message across so it could be heard and seen clearly, but wouldn't it eventually make a difference?  I'm grateful to my Facebook friends who uplift my spirits daily with their positive / funny / beautiful postings!

If you're wanting to share some optimistic and encouraging parts of your life, please comment here, and/or send me a friend request on Facebook - I'm all for exposing the best things in life!

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